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Our Ministry

There are three active youth groups at Chestnut Level Presbyterian; the "Young Christian Believers" grades 4-5, the "Disciples" grades 6-7, and the P.A.C. (People Around the Cross) grades 8-12.

     Where are you from?
       We are from Quarryville PA.  Not far from Lancaster.

What schools do you go to?
       Some go to Solanco High School, others go to Smith and Swift middle schools.

     What's the point?....

We, the youth at Chestnut Level Presbyterian church want to make a difference in our world.  We see the need for living, lasting relationships in our schools and in our towns.  We believe people are looking for and need to know true peace.  We believe Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the only way to experience such peace on earth.  In practical terms, we want to be used by God to love the unlovely, to help the helpless, to make a difference for Christ.

Basically, we believe the only answers in life come from Jesus Christ who died for us all on the cross.

Before you tune us out as weird or obnoxious Christians, understand that we don't want to argue with anyone, and we aren't here to scream religion.

After all, if Jesus would not do that, why should we?
    The Bible,
"you are the light of the world, like a city on a hill, you cannot be hidden."

      For more information, call Nathan the youth pastor at Chestnut Level Presbyterian, or his wife Suzanne : (717)-786-8191
     or write us at: