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Prayer and Praise Page
-Because We Believe God Works-

  Here at the Prayer and Praise Page, we encourage our team to support each other in prayer.  We truly care for each other, and want to celebrate the God that made us all.!
    If you have a prayer request, or a praise you would like to share with us, email it to:  You don't have to be a member of the youth group, prayer and praise is for everyone.

Updated 10/99
1) pray that God will help Nathan understand what He want's him to teach
2) pray for the Seniors in the P.A.C..  Ask God to help lead them in their future plans
3) pray for AmberLocke as she leaves us and takes the youth pastor position at Union                Presbyterian!
4) pray for Frank Chambers, Amanda's class mate, as he has recently lost his father to a heart
5)  pray for plans being made for a Sr. High retreet durring the month of November.

1) praise God for our new students in the Disciples!
2) praise God for the new Lancaster Bible College students that are working with us!
3) praise God for each other!

Amber is doing well at Union Presbyterian!  She misses us, but is seeing God work at her new church.  Praise God!