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  Keeping in Touch

This page is our "Yellow Pages".  It lists the email addresses and AOL Instant Messenger I.D.'s for many of the people in the Chestnut Level Youth Fellowship.  Feel free to contact any of us, we would love to hear from you!


P.A.C.- (8-12 grade)
Brian Taylor- email:
                        AOL-BK Sirus 
Jessica Klube-
                        AOL- JAK765
Justin Martin-
                        AOL- martin9 84
Amanda Wimer-
                        AOL- hapyAJ
Chris Martin-

Disciples- (6-7 grade)
Y.C.B.- (4-5 grade)
Youth Group Leaders-
Nathan Rockafellow- email:
                            AOL- nat&suz
Suzanne Rockafellow- email:
                             AOL- nat&suz
Jon Braunstein-
Amber Locke-
Kurt Wagner-
Karen Stern-
Charlie Gross-